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Globaldev Group supports the most exciting technology companies, by providing a complete set of solutions to recruit and operate their global development teams
Our Vision
Partner of Choice
Our approach, business processes, and day-to-day attitude, are all focusing on becoming the offshore partner of choice to our customers.

This means full transparency, 100% dedication to resolve our customers requests, and a service approach un-comparable to others.

Almost all of our new customers are a result of customer recommendations.

Employer of Choice
Developers have a choice, and we put all our efforts at providing the best environment for our developers to achieve their personal goals.

This means working with the most innovative customers around the world, providing opportunities to learn new technologies and business domains, work with similar talented developers.

At the same time we provide our team with a friendly, no non-sense atmosphere, little beurocracy as possible, full social package, and great supportive staff ready to help whenever is required.
What We Offer
Dedicated Software Development Teams
Providing R&D team extensions with talented and cost effective software developers, to young technology companies and global corporates alike.

Leveraging Ukraine's vast pool of software developers, our team provides end-to-end recruiting, onboarding, and ongoing management services, so our clients can quickly scale and focus on achieving their product development and implementation goals.

To learn more about our investment in X1, please follow the link.
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Recruiting Services
Globaldev Group experienced recruiting team, Ukraine candidate DB, and "Best Practice" recruiting processes, offer quick ramp-up of software developers across a wide range of domains and expertise.

Web and mobile developers, data engineers, QA, DevOps, data scientists, business application specialists, and many more.

Our recruiting services is an essential part of our dedicated team offering, and can also be provided as a stand-alone service, acting as your Recruiting Agency partner in Ukraine.
Globaldev Marketplace
We can become your essential partner in todays's market.
By bringing together companies seeking for IT help and those providing IT help we assist both in reaching their goals and solving their shortage/excess resources issues.
How? You just need to be registered as our client or partner. And then:

- In case you're looking for developers - let us know about your need and we'll find you necessary people among our numerous and carefully checked partners. As a result you're able to perform your development tasks in time and thus keep your business profitable.

- In case you have free developers - whenever there is a request from our customers that matches your capabilities, you know about it right away and thus have the possibility to keep your valuable recourses busy and have your business prosper.

Globaldev is proud of helping some of the world's leading brands
develop market-changing products.
Investors and Management
Investors at Globaldev Group are a group of over 20 leading businessmen from Israel, Ukraine and the EU.

Mr. Dror Har is the Founder and CEO of the Group. Dror has lead multiple IT services companies in the past including YaelAcceptic, Actiview, G-Stat. Dror started his career at PwC and IBM working with global corporates and technology companies around the world.

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