A loyalty app for bulk-buying and saving money

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A loyalty app for bulk-buying and saving money

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About the project

During discussions with London-based businesses, Mai Le, co-founder of LoyalRate, pinpointed an untapped niche in the market. Recognizing that businesses sought to reward loyal customers, and consumers were eager to save on their favorite products and services, an opportunity emerged. This led to the conception of a marketplace designed to mutually benefit businesses and their clientele.


The Globaldev team designed and developed the LoyalRate web application that lets shoppers purchase their everyday and favorite products and services upfront and in bulk, unlocking discounts. Businesses benefit from an additional revenue stream, increased exposure to a wider customer base, and better customer loyalty.

For LoyalRate, we conceptualized the design, developed the UI kit, and crafted the overall UI/UX. Our goal was to enhance the existing design while maintaining a crisp, light, refreshing, and energetic ambiance. This was achieved through the thoughtful incorporation of vibrant shapes and graphics.

To build the web app, we used Python/Django, with a keen focus on maintaining high code quality through the utilization of pylint, pyflakes, and black libraries. We also optimized the platform for mobile devices for easy on-the-go use.

For frontend development, we leveraged React, renowned as one of the most robust and widely adopted JavaScript frameworks. We further optimized the site's SEO performance and speed by implementing the Next.js framework, built atop React.

To streamline app state management and ensure a maintainable architecture, we integrated Redux, a JavaScript library that effectively organizes data flow and offers transparent debugging capabilities.

The individually designed page rendering architecture enables the seamless implementation of incremental static regeneration across most public pages. This innovative approach combines the benefits of static pre-generated pages with the dynamism of a single-page application. Additionally, by implementing react-query, users experience minimal content loading delays as server responses are efficiently cached and can be revalidated on demand.

Dedicated engineering team

To write product requirements, design the platform, initiate the development process, and conduct testing, Globaldev assembled a dedicated team of 8 specialists.
Project manager
Business analysts
Backend developer
Frontend developer
UI/UX designer
DevOps engineer
QA engineer

Implemented features

Customers can create new orders, apply vouchers for extra discounts during checkout, make payments, browse orders and details, and search within orders for specific information. Shop owners and employees can view and download lists of orders and redemptions, create new redemptions and easily search for information as needed.
Payments & payouts
All payments for orders from all shops and customers are stored on the LoyalRate side. Once the first redemption is made, the payment for the order becomes eligible for payout. The shop owner initiates the payout request, and upon successful processing, the funds are transferred to the shop's account.
On the dashboard, the store owner and employees can use quick shortcuts to the most frequently accessed actions, browse the list of the latest activities, review statistics and shop performance graphs, and filter them by various business performance indicators.
Voucher generator
With the help of the voucher generator, stores can create vouchers for their customers. Once a voucher is used up, it deactivates automatically.
Shops & listings
Customers can browse the list of shops on the map, search for a specific shop or shop type, filter shops by proximity, and view shops’ profiles and their listings. Shop owners and employees can create and edit various listings and manage their statuses. Shop owners can also manage their shop’s details.
Employee management
Shop owners can invite and manage employees in their shop, giving employees permission to add, edit, or remove listings, manage the order status, and browse lists of customers and their orders.
Customer profile
Shoppers can create their profiles, place orders, review order details and history, and use vouchers to get additional discounts.


Stripe payment system and the Stripe Connect SDK allow LoyalRate to charge shops a service fee and charge customers for purchases.
A notification tool that allows websites to increase their conversion rates using a comprehensive social proof and FOMO marketing strategy. With WiserNotify, users can see newly added shops in real-time while browsing the LoyalRate platform.
Google Maps
We integrated Google Maps and Google Places to provide the best-in-class map experience to users. The interactive map allows users to find different establishments conveniently, see the name of the business and the number of deals, and search for locations by proximity.
Twilio SendGrid
An email API that allows sending emails to users reliably and at scale.
Crisp chat widget
The chat widget allows users to consult with the LoyalRate team right on the website by clicking on the chat icon.
Partnership continues

Our collaboration with the LoyalRate team continued further when they contacted us to deliver a loan-product-as-a-service for investors and borrowers, SAPI. For the new project, Globaldev assembled a dedicated team to design and develop the product.