An AI-driven system to overturn declined payments

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An AI-driven system to overturn declined payments

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Brief history of collaboration

Ron Shteinberg has been in the tech industry for nearly two decades, having started as a backend developer and grown into the role of Chief Technology Officer and Senior Director across FinTech projects. In his career, Ron has developed many startups and learned how to effectively manage offshore and nearshore teams. Globaldev has a long record of collaboration with Ron, providing solo tech talents to complement existing teams or building custom crews for full-cycle development needs. So when it was time to get his latest startup running, Ron approached Globaldev for our extended talent pool and freethinking developers.

Market issue

After much research, the Bounce team learned that only a few payment gateways provide enough information for a merchant to figure out why cards are declined. Most merchants lack the instruments, skills, and time to investigate the reasons for declined payments. Our client's team discovered how to capture initially declined payments and avoid losing sales to willing customers.


Ron Shteinberg had an idea to develop an AI-driven system called Bounce that would connect to a merchant’s platform via API. Operating on top of the merchant’s current payment processing solution, Bounce would analyze the merchant’s declined payments and identify valid payments that the system could recover. To recover them, the Bounce platform was expected to execute diverse payment strategies to allow payments to go through. The system would notify the merchant of transaction statuses.

- If a payment goes through, a merchant pays Bounce a recovery fee.
- If a payment isn’t recovered, Bounce will pay the merchant for the transaction.

Expertise brought to Bounce

In previous roles, Ron Shteinberg chose Globaldev for our solid resource base, broad expertise, and top-notch developers, whom he characterizes as flexible and freethinking. When he launched his own startup back in 2021, Ron asked us to help him assemble a team that would assist with full-cycle development.
Project manager
Backend developers
Frontend developers
Business analysts
QA engineers

Microservice approach

The microservice architecture of this AI-driven system enables it to scale fast if many new merchants are onboarded. This architecture results in loosely coupled services that can be developed, deployed, and maintained independently. Each service is responsible for a different task and communicates with other services via simple APIs to solve a larger complex business problem.
Transaction analysis service
Transaction analysis is the platform’s core service. It accepts financial transaction data delivered by payment services, analyzes and interprets it, and returns updated data to the payment service so it can re-process the transaction. The transaction analysis service encompasses a set of methods for interacting with payment services and an API.
Decision service
The decision service accepts data from the transaction analysis service, processes it by means of machine learning models, and sends processed updated data back to the transaction analysis service. The decision service determines whether to approve or decline transactions.
Stripe, Braintree, and Shopify services
These are services for integration with respective payment platforms (Stripe, Braintree) and the Shopify e-commerce platform. They parse input data, serialize it to the Bounce transaction schema, call the payment system API, receive and process webhooks, and ingest historical data.
Custom third-party API proxy service
The custom third-party API proxy service was designed to avoid keeping the same code on multiple services and to validate data before sending it. It proxies requests from the Bounce platform to third-party APIs with validation and action logging, enabling it to communicate with supplementary utilities (Sift, IPQS, Neutrino, Corezoid).
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